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Computer Animation Festival - Electronic Theater
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DescriptionWindup is a story about a father who tries to stay connected with his hospitalized daughter through music. He plays a windup music box that she can hear in her dreams that help guide her the way back.

Technical wise, it's a proof point to show that we can achieve animated feature quality and rendered real-time (30 fps) in the Unity engine. Rather than using methods seen in VFX, we take techniques from the AAA game production that push the visual bar while being real-time.

This project was a collaboration of artists all over the world. Most of us were working at home remotely through the internet. Which means we were using our personal regular desktops that most CG artists have. Real-time rendering made this impossible collaboration possible!

Currently, Windup had been official selected into 17 major international film festivals, including 9 Oscar- Qualified ones.