How to Train Your Cloud
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TimeSaturday, 12 December 202010:30 - 11:00 SGT
LocationZoom Room 4
DescriptionCreating realistic 3-D Clouds has been studied extensively in various formats. Despite a long history of research, it is still challenging to produce vast scenes with clouds especially when characters must be able to arbitrarily fly through and interact with the clouds. Artists at DreamWorks are often tasked with constructing highly complex sequences with clouds. For instance, all three How to Train Your Dragon films required building a workflow where clouds can be freely set-dressed and simulated around flying characters. Cloud river and cloud koi fishes with characters riding on top were created for Abominable. In these films, clouds are used not simply as background environment objects but are carefully placed in each shot to enhance the storytelling.
With our ample history of building complex sequences with clouds, DreamWorks has a robust and flexible workflow for generating and managing a massive number of clouds.