How to optimize big mocap shoots and integrating your hardware ecosystem
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Exhibitor Talks
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TimeFriday, 11 December 202010:30 - 11:00 SGT
LocationZoom Room 5
DescriptionThis keynote session will talk about the latest developments for motion capture. Ole Bakker and Steven Schurink from Xsens will talk about how to optimize big motion capture shoots and the possibility to capture body motion of an unlimited number of actors simultaneously, in an unlimited volume and in any location. Also how to enable deeper third-party hardware integrations and become a hub for the whole motion capture ecosystem. Other tracking devices can be managed from one interface. Ole and Steven will show the ease of use and accuracy of the latest generation of Xsens motion capture.

Our live Q&A session presented by Allen Yu and Bismarck Ho will be on 11 December, Friday at 10.30AM SGT/GMT+8 (Click here to convert to your time zone).