Visualization for the Digital Transformation Era “VR Digital Platform”
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Exhibitor Talks
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TimeFriday, 11 December 202010:00 - 10:30 SGT
LocationZoom Room 1
DescriptionCome join FORUM8 as we discuss our software solutions to create a VR digital platform for the creation and visualization of the cities of the DX-era. We will begin with an overview and demonstration of our flagship software VR-Design Studio UC-win/Road and then move on to a company overview. We will discuss our current activities and our plans for improving our software for the future. If you have an interest in Automatic Driving Systems, Drive Simulations, Infrastructure Design and Planning, or Civil Engineering Design then you can’t miss this presentation.

We will also discuss our various other software solutions like our 3DCG creation software Shade3D, and our made-in-Japan 3D game engine Chidori Game Engine!

We hope you can enjoy our presentation and be sure to prepare any questions for our live Q&A session on December 11that 10 AM (11AM JST).