Volumetric Capture Techniques & Applications
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Exhibitor Talks
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TimeSaturday, 12 December 202010:00 - 10:30 SGT
LocationZoom Room 2
DescriptionVolumetric video capture is the ultimate tool for generating truly life-like 3-dimensional avatars of human performers, recording every nuance of their expressions, emotions, and the full performance they’re bringing to the stage – from all angles, simultaneously. The result is a vivid, engaging, virtual copy of the performer which can be replayed from any point of view, using either 2D or 3D display technologies.

Several different capture techniques and modalities are used today. Capture configurations vary primarily in the quantity and specifications of the precisely-synchronized video cameras installed around the capture stage. Ultimately, one or more persons then enter the stage and deliver a performance, a speech, a detailed training lesson, etc. The video from all cameras is then processed through 3D reconstruction software, resulting in an avatar of the operformer - a solid, moving model which can be viewed freely from all angles.

At IO Industries we develop market-leading specialty video cameras, designed with the needs of VR/AR/XR content generators in mind. Whether it’s a pair of cameras in a 3D stereoscopic rig, a handful of cameras for a 360° VR configuration, or an array of over 100+ cameras set up for volumetric video capture, IO Industries cameras have the features and flexibility it takes to make these configurations happen.

With this event, we will review, from a technical perspective, some of the capture techniques being used today, as well as recent use cases where volumetric capture has elevated the immersivity of real-world applications. We will also review some of the major players in this industry and how they contribute to the overall volumetric capture ecosystem today.

Our live Q&A session will be on 12 December, Saturday at 10AM SGT/GMT+8 (Click here to convert to your time zone).