Movie Magic & RenderMan 24
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Exhibitor Talks
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TimeThursday, 10 December 202010:00 - 10:30 SGT
LocationZoom Room 2
DescriptionDuring this talk, learn where Pixar’s state-of-the-art rendering technology is headed in the
upcoming version of RenderMan 24 … and learn how advancements in NPR (non-photorealistic
rendering) are set to transform RenderMan into a tool for broad look development, delivering
everything from photorealism to new kinds of Stylized Looks (toon, anime, illustrative, and
painterly styles). Pixar’s Dylan Sisson will show examples of how these Stylized Looks can be
created interactively, and how this offers new opportunities for storytellers.

With artist friendly tools for Houdini, Katana, Maya ... and a new plugin for Blender on the way,
you’ll want to check it out ... see what RenderMan can do for you, and learn how you can try out
the tools for free with Non-Commercial RenderMan.

Our live Q&A session will be on 10 December, Thursday at 10AM SGT/GMT+8 (Click here to convert to your time zone).