Advances in Real-time Cinematics in The Last of Us Part II
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TimeFriday, 11 December 202010:00 - 11:00 SGT
LocationMain Room
DescriptionWhen cinematics have to happen in real time, lighters have to face certain challenges. Due to the nature of the medium, the system has limited resources. Lighters need to evaluate the cost of each shot compared to the quality that can be achieved. There are several features that can be adjusted to achieve a good balance. Of these features, this talk will highlight how to optimize for runtime light shadows as well as for hair and skin. Additionally, depth of field plays a prominent role in The Last of Us Part II’s real-time cinematics. During the late stages of the project, the lighting team discovered numerous artifacts in many of the game’s cinematics, at which point we could afford to make only calculated fixes on the programming side. A deep dive into how these issues were analyzed and resolved will offer insight into the intricacies of this post process effect.
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