Digital humans are back! Panel Discussion
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TimeFriday, 11 December 202011:50 - 12:30 SGT
LocationMain Room
DescriptionFollowing the success of Tokyo 2018, Digital Humans are back in Siggraph Asia.
And this time, they have a clear mission.

In the age of covid and social distancing, these avatars and clones have to entertain us, assist us and help us communicate. After all, relatable discussions are what we, Real Humans, long for. Even more so, when isolation is forced upon us.

We have invited researchers who will show the next iterations of virtual companions. These pioneers in the field of telepresence and autonomous agents, as well as visual effects and VR/AR practitioners, are not only presenting their work and approaches, but they will expand on the ethical aspects involved and how they envision a bright future for meaningful interactions with these Digital Humans.