Unconscious Bias & Inclusion
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Birds of a Feather
Diversity & Inclusivity
International Resources Committee Sessions
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TimeFriday, 11 December 202013:00 - 14:00 SGT
LocationMain Room
DescriptionHumans do not think rationally. We believe that we have an accurate perception, an accurate memory, or that we can multitask efficiently. We believe that we are in full control of our decisions according to our values, that we have free will, that we can understand others, and that we are logical beings. Sadly, this is a fallacy. This talk proposes to explore some of the most common cognitive and social unconscious biases that trick us into making bad decisions in everyday life and prevent us from building a more inclusive environment, even if we understand the importance of diversity. Since we can hardly avoid falling prey to our biases, what can we do? We need to identify these biases and focus on redesigning the workplace in order to avoid them in the first place. This talk will cover a few starting points to improve inclusion in the hiring and promotion processes.