Autonomous Digital Humans and Artificial Intelligence
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TimeThursday, 10 December 202010:30 - 11:00 SGT
LocationMain Room
DescriptionIn the spring of 2019 we presented a real-time, photorealistic version of Doug that mimicked what the real Doug was doing at the annual TED Conference. Since then, we’ve been working on making him look even better, make it easier to create high quality characters like him and to give him the ability to interact with people on his own.

Our goal was to create something that looked impeccable and could be driven by a client’s chatbot. In doing this, we had to build an entire autonomous framework to handle all aspects of how a digital human interacts with the world. Self-driving cars? Ha! We’re talking about self-driving people!

Machine learning requires data and we’ve spent considerable effort on our performance capture pipeline. This has had a huge impact on our VFX capabilities and has also made creating realistic, autonomous characters easier. We will discuss many aspects of what we’ve learned as we created this new technology.
Senior Director of Software R&D