Complementary Dynamics
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TimeSaturday, 12 December 202010:00 - 10:06 SGT
LocationZoom Room 3
DescriptionWe present a novel approach to enrich arbitrary rig animations with elastodynamic secondary effects. Unlike previous methods which pit rig displacements and physical forces as adversaries against each other, we advocate that physics should complement artists' intentions... literally. We propose optimizing for elastodynamic displacements in the subspace orthogonal to displacements that can be created by the rig. This ensures that the additional dynamics motions do not undo the rig animation. The complementary space is high-dimensional, algebraically constructed without manual oversight, and capable of rich high-frequency dynamics. Unlike prior tracking methods, we do not require extra painted weights, segmentation into fixed and free regions or tracking clusters. Our method is agnostic to the physical model and can plug into non-linear FEM simulations, geometric as-rigid-as-possible, or mass-spring models. Our method does not require a particular type of rig and will add secondary effects to skeletal animation, cage-based deformation, wire deformers, blendshapes, motion capture data, and rigid-body simulations.