Single Image Portrait Relighting via Explicit Multiple Reflectance Channel Modeling
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TimeThursday, 10 December 202010:12 - 10:18 SGT
LocationZoom Room 3
DescriptionPortrait relighting aims to render a face image under different lighting conditions. Existing methods do not explicitly consider some challenging lighting effects such as specular and shadow, and thus may fail in handling extreme lighting conditions. In this paper, we propose a novel framework that explicitly models multiple channels for single image portrait relighting, including the facial albedo, geometry as well as two lighting effects, i.e., specular and shadow. These channels are finally composed to generate the relit results via deep neural networks.
Current datasets do not support us to learn such multiple channel modeling. Therefore, we present a large-scale dataset with the ground-truths of the channels, enabling us to train the deep neural networks in a supervised manner. Furthermore, we develop a novel module named Lighting guided Feature Modulation (LFM). In contrast to existing methods which simply incorporate the given lighting in the bottleneck of a network, LFM fuses the lighting by layer-wise feature modulation to deliver more convincing results. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our proposed method achieves better results and is able to generate challenging lighting effects.