Dr Predrag K. Nikolic is Associate Professor and Principal Investigator at School of Creativity and Art, ShanghaiTech University in China. He is an experimental designer, interactive media designer, digital media expert and a media artist who holds a PhD in Digital Media and an MBA. His research focuses on intelligent interfaces, robot creativity, design for behavioural changes. mixes experiential reality and smart living environments to engage an audience in new types of interactive experiences in future cities. His design and artworks, such as MindCatcher, InnerBody, Ciklosol, Before & Beyond, Vrroom, Robosophy Philosophy, Digital Lolipop, In_Visible Island were exhibited worldwide and presented at the Ars Electronica Festival, SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, Technarte USA, Technarte Spain, Singapore Science Center, Hong Kong – Shenzhen Design Biennial, Maison Shanghai, National Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade, National Museum of Education in Belgrade. For more information visit: HTTP://