Osnat Shurer (Producer) previously produced the 2016 Academy Award-nominated Moana. Shurer joined Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2012 as vice president of development, working with filmmakers to move features and shorts through the creative process. As producer of Moana, Shurer helped manage the film through story, script, music, and casting and led the film’s partnership with publicity, marketing, and consumer products. Shurer also created the film’s Oceanic Story Trust, a team of Pacific Islander consultants from the islands with whom production collaborated closely throughout the making of Moana. Her next film, Raya and the Last Dragon, will release in theaters March 12, 2021.

Previously, Shurer served as the executive producer of the shorts group at Pixar Animation Studios, responsible for Pixar's short films. While at Pixar, Shurer produced or executive produced a host of hit shorts, including the Oscar-nominated Lifted (2006), One Man Band (2005) and Boundin (2003). Her credits at Pixar also include video shorts like Jack-Jack Attack and The Adventures of Mr. Incredible.

Shurer’s duties at Pixar also included training production management, creating and supervising an in-house documentary department to produce DVD bonus material content and other archival materials, as well as overseeing the development of commercials and theme park attractions. For The Incredibles, Shurer produced and directed Vowellet: An Essay by Sara Vowell and executive produced The Making of The Incredibles. She also produced Exploring the Reef with Jean-Michael Costeau for director Andrew Stanton, in conjunction with the release of Finding Nemo.

At Pixar, Shurer was also responsible for helping to create several cutting-edge multi-media shows, including MoMA's impressive Pixar: 20 Years of Animation, which opened in 2006 and went on travel the world. The exhibit featured "Artscape," a widescreen projection space that provided viewers with a unique digital artistic experience, and "Zoetrope," a dynamic 3D installation, modeled on pre-cinema technology, which used dimensional character sculptures to simulate continuous motion.

Shurer was consulting producer on the 2011 Golden Globe-nominated feature Arthur Christmas.

Prior to joining Pixar in 2002, Shurer produced and directed film and television in various mediums - live action, animation, live television, and various interactive presentations for museums. She worked on documentaries and narrative films throughout the world, in such places as India, China, Tibet, Japan, Africa and Europe, with directors ranging from Michelangelo Antonioni to Alfonso Cuarón.

Shurer was born in Israel, and as the child of an airline executive, she grew up in many parts of the world. She received a degree in film from New York University in 1983. She resides in Los Angeles, Calif.