Jongkuk Won is a multidisciplinary artist who works under the name Unhappy Circuit. From the language of computers, artificial intelligence, whales and until extraterrestrial intelligence, his work is a process of exploring the unknown through language.

From an audiovisual work that mediate human language and computer language (Asia Culture Center, 2017), an audiovisual work that asks what is the identity of artificial intelligence that learned human memory (Arts Council Korea, 2018), a performance work that cooks a new food recipe created with artificial intelligence (Asia Culture Center, 2019), a musical piece that synthesized the sound of blue whale and human music using artificial intelligence (Art Center Nabi, 2019), an audiovisual work of radio signal observation data for SETI (Asia Culture Center, 2019), and until designing a new interstellar message for communication with extraterrestrial intelligence (ZER01NE, 2020), His work connects language and music, memory and data, and humanity and the universe.