Jooyoung Oh
Jooyoung Oh is a practicing artist and researcher based in Seoul, working on ACT-R artificial user. She majored in visual design at College of Fine Arts of Hongik University, and earned a master’s degree and PhD Candidate in KAIST. Her work has been developed under two interdisciplinary backgrounds: Visual Communication Design and Engineering. Since 2017, her work has been selected in major exhibitions such as International Symposium on Electronic Art Juried Exhibition (ISEA2019), ACC_Creators_In Lab (2018), and DA VINCI CREATIVE Biennale (2019), Nominated artist in Busan International Video Art Festival (2018), as well as Artience Winner at ART*SCIENCE COLLIDE, British Council (2017), IEEE Brain Winner at Ars Electronica, Linz (2019). Her work has been granted by UKI Korea (, Austria), KAIST Interactive media lab, Seoul art foundation, etc. She has also given a public talk , Led by Chiara Ambrissio (UCL, History/ Philosophy of science)