Haemin kim
Selected as creative trainee education program of Korea Creative Content Agency & Art Center 'Navi'. (2020. 05 ~)
Participated 2019 Young Artist Project in Seocho-gu of Seoul. Created Immersive play "Catching Queen in the mirror". (2019.09)
WSCE Smart City Makerthon_participation prize.
By making plastic upcycle gacha machine '순환(circulation)'
Making member of FAN5 Recycle City project's pavilion and installation.
Team member of automata toy about historical event "Shadow fighter" _Kofac Hobby-makerthon top prize.
Instructor and equipment maker of making workshop in Sejong science high school.
Participated as artist in National.Gwa-cheon Science Museum exhibiton project ''Please our storage".
Co-creator of physical-computing based game 'Days in colors'_supported by Fusion Art Center of Korea National University of Art.
Participated as artist in Korea Creative Content Agency's fusion game project "Creative play"